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How much does the divorce cost?

In Germany there is no single price for divorces. Rather, the cost depends on the individual circumstances:

– How much is the monthly net income of both spouses?


In general, one can expect total costs (court and lawyer) between € 1.000, and EUR € 3,000.

If the income is low or refers to public benefits, the court may grant legal aid – even if you live abroad. Costs are either lower or drop off completely in this case.



We will be pleased to calculate the cost of your divorce case. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to: info@scheidung-bonn.com

We need the following information:
– How much is the monthly net income of both spouses?
– How many underage kids (including children from former relationships)?
– How long have you been married?
– What are the nationalities of both of you?

– How many underage children are present?

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Divorce in Germany

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